Html5 Banners with Google Web Designer

Htmlbanners combine cutting-edge rich media such as video and animation with call-to-action transitions and reveals. Html5 has introduced a wide range of new media api options, including the video object and animation types, and advertisers are using Html5 Banners to get attention.

As Flash banners begin to decrease with the advent of HtmlBanners, new tools like Google Web Designer are being released to support web designers, ad developers, and small businesses with creating complex html and javascript.


The Html5 video object works well across browsers, while mobile devices require more detailed javascript to control video behavior especially for fullscreen mode.

Google Web Designer helps the designer by providing templates for standard Htmlbanner sizes and types.


Google Web Designer provides an animation timeline for positioning graphic elements and coordinating movement of logo and call-to-action elements. Google Web Designer outputs HTML, javascript, and CSS files packaged in zip archives for easy upload to ad networks.


Digital traffic has flowed to social

Summer 2015 and all is well on the interwebs. Well, almost everything. 10 years has flown by since the rise of the iPod/iPhone revolution and mobile has shifted all eyes to social marketing. Much easier for the savvy smartphone user to check the Facebook directly rather than Internet websites all strung together pages. Consequently, eyeballs and advertising energy has moved to social networks with a vengeance, from Facebook community pages to Youtube channels to Pinterest pin boards, digital marketing has fallen in love with social.

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Bright colorful Internet banners Get Clicks

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